Why Choose Downward Departure Specialists?

At Downward Departure Specialists, Inc., we assist our attorney clients in achieving the best possible outcomes in their cases. We provide finely crafted mitigation reports that bring their clients’ lives into focus by increasing understanding and compassion; therefore, putting them in the best position to receive lesser or alternative sentences.

We help our attorney clients propel their cases forward by assisting in the acquisition, organization, review, and management of over 24 types of records, evaluating the strength of these records, and helping create winning mitigating factors from the records.

We use project management software for each case to track each piece and each page of the investigation. Cases are updated in real-time and are reviewed continuously for follow up and to provide our attorney clients with consistent updates. You’ll never have to wonder about the investigation, as you’ll be updated as often as you prefer. Through the use of our project management system, we apply advanced investigative technology so that we can analyze complex data quickly, easily, and efficiently, saving our client’s time and money.

Downward Departure Specialists handles all cases with compassion, professionalism, honesty, integrity, passion, and respect. When you hire Downward Departure Specialists, you hire a team of professionals with skill and knowledge that will help you have more effective solutions. We perform every investigation in an orderly and organized manner to develop a clear investigative roadmap and deliver a quality work product. Our internal compass is guided by strong leadership and accountability.

Downward Departure Specialists bring to each investigation over 50 years of experience in Mental Health, Addiction, Recovery, Psychology, and Criminal Defense investigations.

Timely and Responsive:

  • We maintain open and timely communication with our clients.
  • We respond to your phone calls within two hours.
  • We respond to e-mails by the end of the day.
  • Reports are delivered timely.
  • When there is an on-going investigation, we update our clients as often is your preference.


  • We believe that when it comes to our work, we seek the highest standard. We adhere to a strict code of ethics as put forth by the National Legal Aid & Defense Association.  
  • We plan ahead to avoid surprises for our clients.


  • We provide you with over 50 years of combined experience.
  • Our experience, attention to detail, and dedication to you and your clients allow us to provide you the support you need.


  • We perform our duties and maintain ethical and professional standards.
  • We are unselfishly concerned for and devoted to the welfare of others.
  • We respect the needs of our attorney clients and develop an investigative procedure to represent our clients to the fullest.
  • We do the right thing all the time, even when no one is watching.
  • We understand the value of honesty and uphold it in all situations.
  • We have a passion and are insatiably curious, which makes us good at what we do and drives us to excellence.
  • As a licensed and insured private investigative agency, we will not perform any acts that are illegal, unethical, or unprofessional.
  • Accountable…The buck stops here.

 Our Work Product:

  • We first develop an investigative roadmap that allows us to follow the mitigation evidence effectively. We then utilize procedures and systems to efficiently reach conclusions and provide recommendations to our clients.
  • We provide our clients with an expert sentencing memorandum containing a quality work product that communicates empathy and provides a wide-angle view of the defendant’s life experiences.
  • Our reports are formatted, professionally written, and are supported by evidence that is informed and persuasive.