As we know, mitigation at sentencing can mean the difference between an alternative sentence and decades in prison. Therefore it is critical to have an experienced mitigation firm as your strategic partner. A partner that knows how to build rapport, and goes above and beyond to get all the needed research, record searches, and interviews required to tell the defendant’s story in a memorandum that will obtain a lesser or alternative sentence for your clients.

We are a firm that puts together mitigating factors that can be as, if not more, compelling as the aggravating factors. A firm with the expertise, skillset, and tools in their toolbox to write a memorandum that provides the judge with a clearer picture of the defendant as a person, human being, and their life experiences instead of just a perpetrator. A memorandum that provides valuable insight into mitigating factors such as childhood abuse or neglect, lack of education, psychological trauma, physical or medical issues, family life and culture, future plans, remorse, and any counseling or treatment is a memorandum that will help you shine as a defense attorney.

We do precisely this at Downward Departure Specialists. We ensure every detail is included in our memorandum, and our writing style is designed for impact. We make sure experts specializing in the factors highlighted in our memorandum add to the story, emphasize the outcomes, and give credence to the trauma.

One of our clients recently received a nine-year plea agreement due to our mitigation work that reminded the court the defendant was a minor player in the crime, showed immediate remorse, offered restitution, and sought treatment within days of the incident. His exposure was 25 years. We will do the same for your clients.

When you need a mitigation specialist that gets results for your clients, call Downward Departure Specialists at (916) 224-4680.