“I highly recommend Anna Stowe for Case Mitigation Investigations. She is a highly skilled mitigation investigator who went above and beyond to obtain every mitigating detail that supported my client’s juvenile transfer hearing. I worked with Anna on a complex juvenile matter and she took the initiative to order all of the important records to support my client’s position.

She also took the time to interview numerous contacts who could speak to my client’s positive qualities and his background. The memorandum she prepared to the court was clear, persuasive, and supported by substantial and compelling evidence.

Not only did she produce a stellar work product, but she also took the time to meet with my client on multiple occasions at the jail to ensure my client had the opportunity to provide input and review her work.

She went out of her way to make my client feel valued. She was responsive and kept me up to date throughout the process. Her diligent and detail oriented investigative skills, coupled with her genuine concern for her clients, makes her an outstanding mitigation investigator. She took the time to build rapport with my client and her efforts enhanced both my client’s and the judge’s perception of myself and my legal team.”

Corey Parker
The Appellate Law Firm

“I cannot say enough good things about Anna and the work that she did. We worked cooperatively on a joint investigation where communication and clarity were of great importance, and Anna impressed me early on with good insight, investigative instincts, and a level of timely and proper communication that is sometimes lacking in others. As a professional investigator of over twenty years, owning my own licensed Private Detective Agency and being the five-term president of my state’s only private investigator association, I can say that my internal standards of fellow investigators are fairly high. Anna Stowe met them all, and did so very well. I will hope that she and I have the opportunity to work together again because I consider her to be a very professional investigator and a genuine pleasure with whom I had the privilege of working.”

Brett Brodersen

“I worked with Anna on a complex multi-co-defendant case. Our client, the defendant, was facing the death penalty. Anna was instrumental in building rapport with the defendant and his family, and in obtaining witnesses that could speak to the defendant’s traumatic childhood. Through her investigation, obtaining the appropriate witnesses, and her testimony in court, the defendant was given a life sentence. I highly recommend Anna and her team for mitigation investigations.”

J. Toney
Yolo County Conflict Panel

My firm hired Anna Stowe and Downward Departure Specialists to assist our client in a complex federal drug case. Ms. Stowe and her team were clear in their purpose and understood all the goals we established. They did an excellent job preparing a thorough sentencing mitigation package. This included investigation, interviews, follow-ups, record review, personal visits with the client and others, constructive meetings with the legal team, and preparation of an excellent report. All our interactions were professional and efficient. Anna Stowe and her team exceeded our expectations. We look forward to collaborating with her in the future.

Jerome H.