Our Services

Obtain Lesser or Alternative Sentences for Your Clients

We pride ourselves on providing you expert services, saving you time and money, and giving you a tool to help you achieve success in the courtroom.  Our reports are designed for impact and to win. A win for you is a win for us.

Our Services:

Defendant Interviews:  One of the best ways we assist you is by providing mitigation intervention early on.  We will spend as much time with the defendant as it takes to collect the information we need to determine collateral interviews and records collection. We realize that building a relationship with the defendant is key in obtaining the facts we need to develop the best possible mitigation case. We spend time gathering witness information, medical, addiction, psychiatric, and trauma history, and we pay particular attention to feelings of remorse.


  • Our relationship building with the defendant is both time and cost-saving for you.
  • By hiring Downward Departure Specialists, you can focus on case strategy and new client intake.

Records Collection: We gather over 24 different types of records. We then review them to ensure we have every page and every note.


  • We save you and your staff precious time by obtaining appropriate releases, and gathering, organizing, and tracking every page of each record. Our paralegal has been specifically trained on this process and provides quick and thorough follow up and excellent records organization.
  • This stage, which can sometimes be the most frustrating, is completed in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Records Analysis: Our team performs a careful records analysis noting all areas of potential mitigation evidence.  We look for many factors, including congenital conditions, family history of abuse, substance abuse, mental illness, acquired conditions, intellectual deficits, learning disabilities, absence of care, special education, sexual abuse/trauma, domestic violence, socioeconomic factors, and other pertinent factors. We have the experience that allows us to pull mitigation evidence from records, categorize the evidence, and match it with potential experts. 


  • This analysis and vetting of experts provides you with precisely the right experts for each defendant.

Collateral Interviews: After a thorough analysis of the records, we interview those collateral witnesses who will provide corroboration to mitigating evidence. We seek to match each mitigating factor to several witnesses. After the interviews are performed, we forward carefully crafted interview reports to you.


  • You can be assured that our system of identifying and interviewing collateral witnesses will produce the best possible witnesses for mitigation.

Character Letters: Through relationship building with the defendant, we are positioned to assist writers in expressing the most impactful statements. 


  • You will receive character letters that provide maximum impact.

Mitigation Report: We produce reports that win. Our reports are strategically organized, highlight the positive, and maximize mitigation evidence. We seek to provide a holistic view of the defendant as a person, emphasizing the defendant’s past good acts. We include sections on remorse and restitution, and our reports are designed for impact.


  • Our mitigation reports help you build your case for lesser or alternative sentences.