Our Company

Our Purpose:

To increase the likelihood of reduced or alternative sentences.

Our Mission:

At Downward Departure Specialists, we assist our attorney clients in achieving the best possible outcomes in their cases. We provide finely crafted mitigation reports that bring their clients’ lives into focus by increasing understanding and compassion; therefore, putting them in the best position to receive lesser or alternative sentences.

Our Values:

We operate from a place of exceptional responsiveness, respect, and confidentiality. We are client-focused and take pride in our longstanding business relationships.

Exceptional Responsiveness: We know every minute counts for our attorney clients, and we believe they deserve prompt, efficient communication. Our attorney clients trust our unparalleled service, freeing them to concentrate on legal strategy. Our excellence is measured by client satisfaction and results.

Respect: We believe mutual respect is a core value in our business relationships. We exist to create trust and respect in our clients, as well as our team. We treat all individuals with respect and dignity.

Confidentiality: Each case requires the utmost confidentiality, and we fulfill that requirement by adhering to strict attorney work product and attorney-client privilege laws.

Client-Focused: Our team members are 100% client-focused. Our client’s success is our success.