You’ve hired a Mitigation Specialist, and that action alone has bought you more time, less client management, and less worry over your client’s background details. But what will hiring a Mitigation Specialist for your clients’ cases do for you in the long run?

As Mitigation Specialists, we know precisely how to perform mitigation, and we can do a much more thorough job. You wouldn’t hire a plumber to fix your computer, so why would you use a criminal investigator to perform a social history on your clients? You can relax knowing that your clients are being well taken care of while focusing on case strategy and intake of new clients.

Mitigation is a complex investigation into the client’s history, sometimes going back several generations, including the family of origin, the mother’s prenatal health, the father’s influence or lack thereof, religion, culture, demographics, mental health, and so much more. The collection of records can be daunting and time-consuming. Writing the report takes skill, expertise, and often patience as the records and interviews come together with photos and stories from the clients’ families.

A well-written mitigation report allows the judge a holistic view of the client rather than just their crime. Winning reports give your clients lesser and alternative sentences, increasing your reputation as a highly desirable attorney. We take pride in helping your clients, and our greatest pleasure is helping you receive the recognition you deserve as an attorney who cares about your clients.

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