Your client faces 25 to life, and the evidence looks challenging to overcome. You also have a client with a third DUI facing significant fines and jail time. These cases can be overwhelming and leave attorneys feeling like there are few choices.

Mitigation Investigators can help with these cases by performing thorough investigations into the clients’ social histories. These histories can uncover severe addiction, family addiction issues, mental health conditions, etc. Childhood trauma, abuse, neglect, and educational deficits, can all contribute to a defendant’s decision making, impulsivity and pain.

But how does hiring a mitigation investigator benefit the criminal defense attorney? First, it allows the defense attorney to present the client as a human being with a history, a family, and qualities worthy of redemption. Second, it will enable the judge to view the client holistically beyond the crime at hand. The judge can listen to family members, friends, clergy, teachers, and others about their experiences, eliciting empathy. Third, if the judge considers and gives a lesser sentence, your reputation sky-rockets. The more cases you receive lesser sentences, the more business will be referred to your law firm, which means more revenue in your door.

Imagine a client-facing 25 to life who receives a lesser sentence of 12 years after mitigation. This happened in one of our cases. We also performed mitigation for the defendant with his third DUI. We provided a complete social history, including generational addiction issues and family trauma, including the deaths of loved ones before each DUI. We obtained an in-patient treatment program for the defendant that included two years of aftercare. The defendant signed a plea that included his treatment, aftercare, and relinquishment of his driver’s license for one year.

Attorneys who use mitigation investigators offer their clients a comprehensive defense. They understand the need for mitigation at the outset, during the trial, and at sentencing. Clients benefit when judges and juries have a more holistic view of their lives. Attorneys benefit by obtaining lesser sentences for the clients, which boosts their reputation and revenue.

If you want a stellar reputation that awards you more revenue because you consistently obtain lesser sentences for your clients, please call the Downward Departure Specialists to do mitigation for you at 916-224-4680. We are experts and here to help.