When a defendant attends the sentencing hearing, often, the judge knows only about the instant offence and the defendant’s participation in that offense. No details about the defendant’s life, the circumstances immediately prior to the crime, or even the true motivation behind the crime are known. Mitigation reports give the judge a chance to view your client in a holistic way that often can lead to a reduced sentence.

A combination of a thorough guilt investigation along with a pre-sentencing investigation can produce quality results for your client. If your client is facing considerable prison time, a mitigation report along with testimony from an expert can significantly reduce your client’s exposure. The judge will have the opportunity to hear the compelling story of your client’s entire life, and the judge can only benefit from the story we provide. Armed with the background and personal stories, your client becomes a human being deserving of understanding rather than the next defendant awaiting sentencing.

Crafting your client’s story in a way that lends credibility, sympathy, and sincerity is what we do best. We paint a powerful picture of your client’s lifetime for the judge with our collateral interviews, expert reports, and your client’s history. The defendant participates in telling the story and filling in background information. Did the defendant come from privilege? We explain the details. Was the defendant driven to commit the crime? We explain those details as well. Were there mitigating factors? We will explain each factor and why each one helped to culminate in the present circumstances.

Many of our cases involve people facing five to twenty-five years or more. Some of these men and women have never committed a violent crime, and for others, this is the first offence in a lifetime of good behavior and even community acclaim. These defendants provide so much to work within a pre-sentencing report. However, many attorneys don’t use or even know they can use a mitigation memorandum to help reduce a sentence. This is our arena and where we shine for you and your client.

If you need an understanding of the benefits of using mitigation or need to achieve lesser sentences for your clients, please call Downward Departure Specialists at 916-224-4680. We are experts and here to help.