Case Studies

People v Confidential Capital Murder Defendant

The defendant was facing a life sentence. He had an elementary school education, a 4th-grade reading level, an IQ in the low 60s, addiction issues, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and several learning disabilities. He had witnessed extreme domestic violence by his mother’s boyfriends, which often necessitated living with his Grandmother, who was a prostitute. He had a peripheral role in the crime rather than a primary role, and he willingly helped law enforcement. A thorough review and analysis of thousands of pages of discovery, medical reports, psychiatric records, and family interviews resulted in evaluation by several highly recommended experts. Upon submission and review of these evaluations, the court declared the client mentally incompetent to stand trial.

 Confidential Juvenile Transfer Case

The defendant was charged with murder and gang enhancements. Guilt phase investigation proved that defendant was an accessory, not a primary actor in the homicide. Parents were helpful but couldn’t help sort through educational and medical records. Our team obtained every educational record and every medical record and found the defendant should have been in special education due to an intellectual deficit and Dyslexia. Through witness statements, it was discovered the defendant had been the victim of severe domestic violence at his father’s hands. The defendant was never given the opportunity for special education or therapy, and his parents never sought out counseling. Parents were immigrants and non-English speaking and had difficulty wading through complicated school and criminal justice systems. Through the collection and analysis of school records, CPS records, medical and mental health records, and numerous character reference letters and testimony, the defendant received home detention and returned to school.

People v Faustino Romero (Yolo County)

The defendant was charged with multiple homicides, multiple counts of attempted murder, multiple counts of kidnapping, and robbery in addition to other felonies. A full mitigation investigation including extensive family testimony combined with a well-crafted report which reflected the defendant’s PTSD, extreme physical abuse and neglect, other childhood trauma including severe domestic violence toward his mother, and the killing of his brother by law enforcement resulted in a Life Without The Possibility of Parole (LWOP) decision by the jury.

Confidential Federal Case #1 

The defendant was charged with multiple financial crimes, including mortgage fraud. The defendant had a significant role in mentoring many youths in sports, a good reputation within his community, and no criminal record. Through finely crafted character letters, emphasis on his commitment to helping youths, and his lack of criminality, the defendant obtained a downward departure, including out of custody supervision.

Confidential Federal Case #2

The defendant was charged with attempted murder within a Federal correctional facility. Through a detailed on-site investigation, interviews with family, and a respectful and delicate interview with the alleged victim, the defendant received a downward departure.

State VS Christian Rizo (Yolo County)

This young defendant was charged with several counts of attempted murder and weapons charges. His exposure was 45 years. A thorough guilt phase investigation helped cast doubt on his participation in the most egregious offenses. Mitigation included his good work history, character letters, and his good behavior in jail. Defendant received a reduced sentence of 15 years.