A question we get a lot is if an attorney’s reputation matters. It’s a valid question for mitigation. But here’s the thing – all clients deserve a full mitigation investigation. Let me tell you why. Recently we had a case where the client’s exposure was over 20 years. By the looks of it, his family was fantastic. He grew up privileged and never experienced any extreme abuse or neglect. His family was loving, concerned, and very close.

However, the attorneys wanted a mitigation investigation to see if anything could be found that would give their client a chance at a lesser sentence. We took the ball and ran with it. Come to find out, there were some obvious signs of a form of neglect early on in this defendant’s life. We analyzed school records and saw his grades plummet starting in middle school. We analyzed his medical records, which showed a possible prescription drug dependency. We interviewed family and friends and found out the family had a secret that was not so secret. Nothing earth-shattering, but it certainly had a profound impact on the defendant.

Society today is more aware of how emotional neglect can impact children and teenagers. Also, people are more aware of drug dependency and how a drug or alcohol addiction can look different than expected. Addicts can maintain jobs and families, attend church, play sports, and raise their kids. Functional addicts are no longer a mystery.

Mitigation can be used in just about any case. Is it worth it? Well, ask your clients. Would they rather serve 5 years or 15 years? Would they rather do 20 years in a maximum security prison or a couple of years in a substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation prison? The bottom line is that lesser sentences cement your reputation as an attorney that does everything possible for their clients, including mitigation.

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