In the journey through the criminal defense process, the relationship between defendants, their families, and the defense team is crucial. As criminal defense mitigation investigators, our role is to understand the defendant’s life story—your upbringing, background, and the circumstances that have shaped you. This understanding is vital, not to focus on the specifics of the crime, but to present a comprehensive picture of who the defendant is beyond the case at hand.


Sharing Your Unique Perspective

We encourage you and your family to share your experiences and memories as they truly are. Each person’s recollection and interpretation of life events offer a unique perspective that is invaluable to us. It’s not about questioning the truthfulness of your accounts but understanding that the richness of your stories lies in their authenticity.

Your honest reflections on the defendant’s history and upbringing are what we seek. These narratives help us to construct a more nuanced and empathetic portrayal of the defendant’s life. It’s these personal insights and memories that enable us to advocate more effectively on their behalf.


The Value of Personal Histories

We understand that discussing personal histories can be sensitive. You might wonder how certain details are relevant to the defense. However, it’s often in these personal stories that we find the context needed to fully represent the defendant. Your openness allows us to gather a fuller, more humanizing view of the individual behind the case.

This process is not about scrutinizing every detail of the past but about highlighting the journey that has led to the present. Whether it’s challenges overcome, the environment you were raised in, or significant life events, all these elements contribute to the story we aim to tell.


Building a Foundation of Understanding

Our goal is to build a relationship based on understanding and trust. We’re here to listen and learn about the defendant’s life from those who know it best. This collaboration is essential for us to perform our roles effectively and advocate for the defendant with the full depth and breadth of their life experience in mind.

We approach this task with empathy and respect, knowing that sharing personal stories requires trust. Rest assured, our focus is on using this information to support the defendant’s case, providing context and understanding to their actions and decisions.



In the context of criminal defense, the power of personal stories cannot be overstated. By sharing your memories and experiences, you contribute to a more comprehensive and compassionate representation of the defendant. This process is about painting a full picture of the individual’s life, one that goes beyond the confines of the case, offering insights into their history and upbringing.

Remember, your stories and perspectives are invaluable to us. Together, we can ensure that the defendant’s narrative is heard and understood, providing a solid foundation for their defense.